Subject: Re: notes from installing 1.6...
To: None <>
From: Tyler Retzlaff <>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/30/2002 21:51:49
Darren Reed wrote:
> - "set new allocation size" <= should be units, not size ??
>   (this is for mb vs cylinders vs sectors)

Yes, that sounds more reasonable.

> - if i change a fs, the next one does not auto-adjust
>   (It would be nice if sysinst could remember that you created b to start
>    where partition a ended so that when you make a bigger, the start of b
>    is adjusted and so is the one after b, etc.)

This is more difficult to do than one would first think.  You have to
worry about things such as:

+ used segments that can't be adjusted
+ used segments that have free space in between
+ which segment to adjust, you might say, well the next or previous one
  but some people have existing partitions aren't in order relevant to
  disklabel part id's a-n.  So then you have to figure it out and ahh
  stuff it you say.

Bottom line is someone could do it if they care to waste that much time 
on sysinst and I can imagine it would bloat it even more than it already

> - how do you clear a mountpoint ?
>   (you can make a filesystem "unused" but what about if I want to make
>    a 4.2BSD partition that just has no mountpoint?)

You can't.  You can only remove the fstab entry once you boot the
installed system.
> - After all distributions are unpacked, "Hit enter to continue" and
>   nothing further happens

More information would be required to figure out what went wrong here.
What choices did you make throughout the installation?

> - if left idle for too long, system freezes in sysinst (not even ctl-alt-del
>   or ctl-alt-esc works)

> I think these last too are related.  APM lossage possible?

I didn't think APM was in the install kernels?  Does it freeze if you
never run sysinst and just sit at the first menu that appears?

> Other than that, the installation is pretty damn slick!  Cool!> 
> Cheers,
> Darren


Tyler Retzlaff <>