Subject: A few sysinst things...
To: None <>
From: Brian Grayson \(home\) <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/18/2002 22:24:40
  It's been a few years since I've done an install from scratch,
and a couple of things bugged me when I actually tried it with a
near-1.6-ish CD that Wasabi gave me (@ SNDF, FWIW).  Unfortunately, my
main machine is not in much of a state for me to do much besides mention
it here.

  1.  One of the screens (can't remember which off-hand -- I may trash
  the partition and try a reinstall when I've got some free time)
  prints text underneath the menu in the middle of the screen, making it
  hard to read everything.  Luckily, I think the hidden text wasn't all
  that critical.

  2.  I said "no" to bootblocks, since the machine was going to
  have the NT bootloader on it.  But then a few screens later, it
  asked me "serial or normal bootblocks", with no "none" option.

  a)  Is this second query supposed to show up when I say "no boot

  b)  If it _is_ supposed to show up (i.e., it's talking about the
  partition's boot blocks, and not the MBR's), it'd be nice if the
  text made that distinction clear.  I don't remember it saying
  anything about why it was asking me again.

  3.  I had a partition set aside, and gave it ID 169, but did not
  newfs it.  When I ran sysinst, it assumed that since the ID was
  ready to go, it had been newfs'd.  So, when it tried to mount it,
  the mount failed.  Since so many disk partition tools allow one to
  specify the ID, it would be nice if it said "Hm.  NetBSD ID on the
  partition, but FFS partition not found.  Do you want me to newfs this
  for you?"

  At this point, I did the evil thing of "Give me a shell, and I'll
  just do it myself" and a few minutes later had a working system   :) 
  But later on, I figured out why sysinst didn't run newfs itself,
  blew everything away, newfs'd it myself in a shell, and then tried
  sysinst again and things went fairly well....


  If I get the time to start from scratch again, I'll try to document
better the places where these occur.  (I had to fend two 2-year-olds
away from the keyboard the last time through, and that's hard enough
to do without keeping them away from pen and paper as well!)