Subject: Re: headless install
To: None <>
From: Oliver Tonnhofer <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/10/2002 17:11:17
Hallo Aaron, (Aaron C. Springer) wrote:
>Yes! The boot-com1.fs and the boot2.fs worked great.
>The com settings are 9600/8/n/1 all kernel ouput is visible, no login or id
>required, it prompts for disk2.

During the installation you have to select the 'serial bootblock' and
not the normal. And after installation and before the first reboot, you
have to change /etc/ttys:

Goto Utilities Menu and select /bin/sh.
# cd /mnt/etc/
# ed ttys
# reboot

With this little modification you are able to login over serial console.

To be OnTopic: Isn't it possible to change sysinst to do this /etc/ttys
modification, when serial bootblock is selected? It would be nice.

>I hope this capability is a permanent addition.

It is not a new feature. At least in 1.5.2 you could press any key
during the bootloader msg and type 'consdev com0' for switching the
console to the serial port.

>> NetBSD/i386 BIOS Boot, Revision 2.7
>> (, Thu Jun 13 05:57:50 CEST 2002)
>> Memory: 640/48128 k
Use hd1a:netbsd to boot sd0 when wd0 is also installed
Press return to boot now, any other key for boot menu
booting wd0a:netbsd - starting in 5

>One OpenBSD user has just been converted to NetBSD!

Nice :)