Subject: Re: Networking question
To: Joe Hylkema <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/31/2001 11:35:44
"Joe Hylkema" <> writes:
> Well, I got my netBSD box to where it will ping all three of my Ethernet
> cards, but I can't ping anything outside of that.  Neither will any other
> services (telnet, etc) work.  I suspect the problem is with routed, any
> suggestions anyone?

1) Tech-install is for discussing development of the installation
   system, not for asking for help -- you probably want netbsd-help or
   some such.
2) You aren't really explaining the problem -- you can only ping your
   own IP addresses? (Your problem statement is ambiguous and you
   really aren't giving enough information. What sort of ethernet
   devices? Which NetBSD port? How are you configuring them?). Without
   any routing daemons running, you should still be able to ping
   anything on the same subnet as one of your ethernet devices. You
   should first
        a) Make sure that the ethernet devices are properly attached
           to their respective networks. Make sure ifconfig indicates
           everything is okay, and check that the port lights on your
           ethernet hubs indicate the devices are up and running, etc.
        b) try sniffing on the networks with tcpdump -n -i to make
           sure that you can actually hear other traffic on the
           networks. If you can't, something is wrong at a very low level.
        c) Check the routing table with netstat -nr to see that you in
           fact have routes for those nets installed by ifconfig

If you still have trouble, please take it to an appropriate mailing
list, not tech-install.

Perry E. Metzger
NetBSD Development, Support & CDs.