Subject: ARM Installer work
To: None <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/30/2001 14:26:44

I don't believe that anyone has had time to look at the ARM installer work.  
I plan to start looking at it next week.  Just wondering if anyone has any 
thoughts on what needs doing, I'm bound to have missed something.  I'm 
thinking that this is probably more critical now that we're very close to 
having arm archs running ELF, especially if we want to make it easy for 
people to test out snapshots.  It's also an area that's a mess, and has been 
since we split out the arm archs from arm32.

I've had a bit of a brainstorming session to work out things that may need 
doing. Currently the list is (in no particular order):
* Make sysinst check the sysctl hw.machine and select the appropriate kernel 
package, and be shared accross all the arm platforms.
* sort out the a.out -> ELF migration, I'll probably look at how i386 did 
this. (where do the old a.out libs get put?)
* work out what kernels we need to provide via make release, especially as 
most of them have now moved into seperate arch dirs.
* work out a CD layout.  EG what kernels need to be provided, should they be 
available uncompressed (I believe that they should be for most arm platforms)
* work out what to do with MAKEDEV as the arm26 and arm32 versions are 
different (other etc files may need checking as well?)
* remove the old script based stuff that's still lurking in the arm32 distrib 
* test it.

I'm not too sure how hpcarm fits into the above.  If at all.

Other things that need to be thought about:
The MAKEDEV file, should we create all the devs that i386 creates?  eg have 
audio create multiple audio* devices and use a symlink to point audio to 
audio0.  Currently MAKEDEV is still very acorn32 biased.  I think we've also 
got a whole load of devices missing from MAKEDEV that do exist on some archs. 
 That said I'm not sure how well, if at all some of these things work.  oh 
for more regression tests.  Maybe I'll write a few.


PS note that I'm away for a few days over New Year, probably back by 
thursday, gives everyone a chance to flame^Wdiscuss these things 8)