Subject: Re: creating CD for installation
To: Brad Knowles <>
From: ad <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/20/2001 18:36:22

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I don't find an directions on how to
make the CD properly for the packed binaries.  I have no problem with the
boot floppies, but i can't seem to get the CD with the base files correct.


On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 11:05 AM -0500 on 2001/12/20, ad wrote:
> >  i am trying to install netbsd on a 486 machine.  the problem is i only
> >  have a dos machine for making the media with the base binaries (*.tgz).
> >  i can't seem to create a CD on the windows 98 machine that the floppy
> >  loaded bsd will recognize.  any suggestions for what i should do?
> 	I used my wife's Compaq Armada 4100T laptop (with an ancient 
> Pentium processor, and running Windows 95) to create the floopy disks 
> that I used to install NetBSD on a SPARC clone I bought a while back. 
> I followed the instructions as they were presented on the website, 
> and at least that part seemed to work just fine the first time.
> 	My real problems didn't crop up until I tried to get the machine 
> to recognize a quad fast ethernet card (there's no support for hme or 
> qfe interfaces in the 1.5.2 GENERIC kernel).
> 	Why don't you try following the instructions again, but this time 
> write down step-by-step exactly what you did.  If you compare this 
> item-by-item with the instructions, you should find out where you're 
> going wrong.

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