Subject: Re: Suggestion: NetBSD source official ISO image
To: Carl Mascott <>
From: Brad Knowles <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/16/2001 22:12:27
At 11:55 AM -0500 on 2001/12/16, Carl Mascott wrote:

>>  What you are saying is that we should spend project resources so that
>>  for-profit companies can sell $2.50 NetBSD CDs.
>  But you do this already with all of the other ISO images.
>  Why should a source-only ISO be any different?

	Moreover, the source-only ISO could be shared amongst all 
platforms, and would not be specific to any one type of hardware.  So 
all NetBSD sub-projects would get the benefit of having a source ISO 
available, and all NetBSD mirror sites would get the benefit of 
reduced network bandwidth required.

Brad Knowles, <>