Subject: Re: Suggestion: NetBSD source official ISO image
To: Todd Vierling , Carl Mascott <>
From: Brad Knowles <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/12/2001 19:59:52
At 1:11 AM -0500 on 12/12/01, Todd Vierling wrote:

>  : If you had a source-only ISO I think that Edmunds and
>  : CheapBytes and others would produce CDs from it, and that
>  : this would put NetBSD source in more people's hands.
>  ...any of these companies can simply download the tarballs, run "mkisofs"
>  (Un*x) or Nero (Windows) on the directory, and end up with a source-only CD
>  in mere seconds.  Putting it on the FTP site just wastes diskspace.

	While they certainly could do you, you and I both know that they 
almost certainly won't.  IMO, if we gave them a source-only ISO, they 
would be much more likely to add that to their sets of NetBSD 
CD-ROMs, because we wouldn't be asking them to take any additional 
steps than what they're already doing for the other NetBSD ISOs.

	I really think that Carl has the right idea here -- while it may 
be somewhat wasteful of diskspace (not that much, really), the 
benefit to the NetBSD project (and all of the volunteer mirror sites) 
in terms of saved bandwidth would almost certainly more than pay for 
this slight increase in additional disk space.

Brad Knowles, <>