Subject: Re: Ha. My install.
To: David Walker <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/07/2001 21:50:19
On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 07:07:41PM +0930, David Walker wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who responded.
> Well, it's getting a little weird.
> I am now able to get sysinst to locate my .tgz files. Does it want to extract and install them? Not a chance.
> It starts to open kern.tgz and faults it.
> This is the display:
> Status: Running
> Command: pax -zrvpe -f /msdostmp/kern.tgz
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
> pax: End of archive volume 1 reached
> ATTENTION! pax archive volume change required
> Ready for archive volume: 1
> Input archive name or "." to quit pax
> Archive name>_
> The last line is the prompt.
> All the other stuff is pretty much wasted on me.
> I have downloaded the i386 files and put them on my msdos partition which I have labelled and mounted.
> These are the files in this drive:
> XSERVER  TGZ    14,941,303  08-05-01  7:48p xserver.tgz
> ETC      TGZ        97,044  08-05-01  3:47p etc.tgz
> GAMES    TGZ     2,905,726  08-05-01  4:17p games.tgz
> KERN     TGZ     2,276,976  08-05-01  4:45p kern.tgz
> MAN      TGZ     2,543,158  08-06-01  5:29a man.tgz
> MISC     TGZ     2,177,983  08-06-01  5:32a misc.tgz
> NETBSD~2 GZ      2,081,718  08-05-01  3:30p netbsd.INSTALL.gz
> NETBSD~1 SYM       230,528  08-05-01  3:23p netbsd.INSTALL.symbols
> TEXT     TGZ     1,213,746  08-05-01  5:02p text.tgz
> XBASE    TGZ     2,733,453  08-05-01  5:36p xbase.tgz
> XCONTRIB TGZ       180,430  08-05-01  5:39p xcontrib.tgz
> XFONT    TGZ     6,163,923  08-06-01  5:55a xfont.tgz
> XMISC    TGZ        12,386  08-05-01  5:40p xmisc.tgz
> BASE     TGZ    16,863,564  08-05-01  6:17p base.tgz
> NETBSD~3 GZ      2,276,975  08-05-01  3:21p netbsd.GENERIC.gz

Once you have mounted /msdostmp try:
zcat /msdostmp/kern.tgz > /dev/null
(or gzip -d -c if zcat is not on the boot floppy).

If zcat complains then your file is corruped.
Are you sure you downloaded them in binary mode ?

> I have a bit of concern about this. I couldn't appreciate the significance of the symlinks. I was originally confronted with empty folders named man.tgz, etc. - nothing to download and no instructions or links. I found a site via a search engine with files to download and downloaded them. Apparently I should link to them but I'm not sure how to do this. Chris Lloyd has provided me with links to the following:
> I wonder how I incorporate this into my install. Will sysinst know what to do? Are these files downloadable? If they are I should be ok.

Just download them at the same place as other sets.
However your ftp client is a bit broken if it handle symlinks on the server
as folders.

Manuel Bouyer <>