Subject: Re: non-interactive use of fdisk
To: pehem <>
From: Don Yuniskis <>
List: tech-install
Date: 02/18/2001 11:57:12
>I want to use fdisk from within a shell script, (it's one step
>of my automated installation process), but the command i use
>doesn't affect the partitions table. For example, after using
>the command :
>    # fdisk -0 -s 169/63/12672327 /dev/rwd0
>i still have no partition on my hard disk :
>    Partition table:
>    0: <UNUSED>
>    1: <UNUSED>
>    2: <UNUSED>
>    3: <UNUSED>
>(I also tried with option -f)
>The manpage helped me a lot, but now, i've got this problem.
>Does anybody knows how to do that ?

Reboot and check the partition table again.  There appears
to be a bug (?) in fdisk that never updates the in-core
copy of the partition table (I reported this in a previous