Subject: Re: I think narrowed it down...
To: buzz <>
From: None <>
List: tech-install
Date: 02/04/2001 01:22:31
What are your goals here? Gzip is already on the floppy images.

The line at the top of ramdiskbin.conf that talks about srcdirs tells it
where to find source:

srcdirs bin sbin usr.bin usr.sbin gnu/usr.bin sys/arch/i386/stand

For special cases it's as the examples show:

special init srcdir distrib/utils/init_s

i.e. to build init get the source from distrib/utils/init_s.

What errors are you getting? 


>I get nasty linker errors freaking out on the gzip
>part.. this happens when I mod ramdiskbin.conf and use
>SPECIAL gzip.. if I leave the SPECIAL line commented
>out, it says it cannot find gzip in the source tree, I
>looked, and all I find is the x_gzip (SPECIAL) ..
>hrmmmmmmm...  any ideas? (Or maybe someone has a copy
>of the gzip in thier source tree for x86 they wanna
>ship me :) )
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