Subject: Dual boot problem
To: <>
From: Frank Whitestone <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/02/2000 13:40:04
Hello all,

I have got a problem dual booting Win2K and NetBSD.  I have the set of two
boot disks and two physical drives connected as primary master and slave. 
Apparently these are called wd0 and wd1.  The 1st drive has Win 2K on it
and yesterday I installed NetBSD via ftp which completed successfully.

The only problem is that I am trying to add NetBSD to the Win2K boot menu,
but cannot seem to do so.  I have downloaded all three boot images
nbsd0/1/ and none of these boot the NetBSD drive.  I have this
installation of NetBSD on wd1 which I would dearly love to use but cannot
seem to access.

Any help gratefully received.



Frank Whitestone