Subject: installation failure with ALN-325
To: , <>
From: Prasad V Nuli <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/18/2000 21:59:01
	I have AOpen ALN-325 Network card. I have installed 1.4 and it is working
perfectly fine on my machine.
	I am trying to install NetBSD 1.5_ALPHA/i386 onto my machine. I created
floppies and as I rebooted. As I choose the utility/network menu it detects
the network card as RTK and prompts if it should use that. When I say Yes it
is throwing me into db> prompt
	I have tried it 3-4 times getting the same results. Is there reason why
this card should not work.
	I have installed 1.4 with the same card and same method and it is working
	Any thoughts and suggestions ?

Prasad Nuli