Subject: Re: Including install notes in "make release"
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/06/2000 06:50:56
> I've got the trailing patch in my local source tree, which builds
> and installs the installation notes into ${RELEASEDIR}.  Anyone
> mind if I commit this?

Fine by me, just note that you're making all of the following redundant.

uni:155% fgrep notes etc.*/
etc.alpha/ cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.arm32/ Build the release notes and boot floppies and install them
etc.arm32/ cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.hp300/ Build the boot media and install notes and install them
etc.hp300/ cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.hpcmips/      cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.i386/  cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.mac68k/       cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} && ${MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} release
etc.macppc/       cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.news68k/      cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.next68k/ Build the release notes and install them
etc.next68k/      cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.sparc/ dir in notes miniroot sparc/bootfs sparc/ramdisk
etc.vax/   cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release
etc.x68k/  cd ${.CURDIR}/../distrib/notes && ${MAKE} release

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @