Subject: Laptop Install Problem
To: '' <>
From: Adam Pendleton <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/08/2000 23:06:36
I am trying to install NetBSD on a CTX AMD K6.  The boot process goes fine,
as does the partitioning of the disk.  I am attempting to do an FTP install,
however, which is not going so well. All the correct information is entered
for the network setup, which runs over a PCMCIA 3COM 3C589C.  There is a
link light on the hub for the card.  When the install program attempts to
ping the gateway, however, the ping fails.  Packets seem to be transmitted,
according to the hub, but nothing is received.  Other machines on the
network have no problem pinging the gateway.  The install recognizes the
PCMCIA card, named ep1, but the ping fails.  Is it possible to bypass the
ping, or is there someway to see why it's failing?

Adam Pendleton