Subject: Multiple Install Problems
To: '' <>
From: Adam Pendleton <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/08/2000 10:04:02
I am having a plethora of install problems on two different machines.  The
first is a CTX laptop.  The problem being that I can't get the network to
work properly.  I assume this is a PCMCIA issue, like the documentation
touches on, but there is no adequate resolution to the problem in those
documents.  I get through the disk install fine, but I can't get the network
setup to complete.  I have a link light from the card, but the ping fails,
even though it should work.

The next problem is on a PI 233 which has had FreeBSD, OpenBSD, RedHat,
Mandrake and others on it.  When I click install NetBSD on hard drive from
the menu I get, "No NetBSD hard drives found."  What gives.

I want to try out NetBSD, but am becoming increasingly frustrated which
perhaps accounts for the lack of tangible information in this letter.

Adam H. Pendleton
Security Engineer
VGS, Inc.
Fairfax, Virginia 

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