Subject: skipping stuff in sysinstall
To: None <>
From: Jim McBoyle <>
List: tech-install
Date: 04/18/2000 19:12:56
Hi all,

I am trying to install an Alpha 3000/300 via ftp, but when I get to the
network configuration sysinstal fails as it doesn't get a response when it
pings the gateway box. I dropped into the /bin/sh shell and found that the
config works ok, but as the gateway in question won't reply to pings (it's
a bug not a feature and the replacement is months off at best) is there
any way that I could skip the tests? If not it might be an idea to have
the ping tests run only if the user wants to. I know that having an
install that just wizzes through without asking questions can be a boon
when you are installing many machines, but the ability to switch on an
interactive mode where you get a chance to skip bits, or at least say
what you want to be done can also be usefull (I _like_ to be *in charge*
even when I not<g>) I would also like to be able to skip drive 
partitioning, as once it is done I'd rather not have to do it again each
time I re-start sysinstall, and having the HD wiped each time means that
I can't use the shell to ftp the files by hand and use the install from
hard drive option.

Sorry for the long post (hope there's as much signal as noise here <g>)

Have Fun,
James McBoyle | "There is no spoon." Neo, The Matrix    | "Spooooooooooon!" The Tick, The Tick