Subject: Correct sparc boot floppy image.
To: None <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki - Stargate Industries, LLC <LavaList@Stargate.Net>
List: tech-install
Date: 04/09/2000 08:34:44
Good morning everyone (at least EST).  I just subscribed, so I hope I'm 
flaming the right list with this question.  I'm looking to do a floppy boot 
on an old SparcStation 2 (sun4c, sun4m compatible).

"SPARCstation 2, No Keyboard
ROM Rev. 2.9, 64 MB memory installed,"

I've done this once before, when 1.4.1 was new.  It was a SparcStation 
LX.  I simply forget what file you're supposed to use to make a boot 
floppy.  The installation instructions at:


Say its 100% possible, they simply don't outline which image to use.  I 
presume it would either be boot-142.fs.gz or syboot-142.fs.gz from  I 
use rawrite2.exe to make the image on a standard 1.44 floppy, pop it in:

ok setenv boot-device floppy
boot-device =         floppy
ok setenv boot-file netbsd.gz
boot-file =           netbsd.gz
ok boot floppy
Boot device: /fd   File and args: netbsd.gz
Can't read disk label.
Can't open Sun disk label package
Can't open boot device

I tried setting the "boot-file" variable to "netbsd", "netbsd.gz", "bsd", 
"bsd.gz", "netbds.GENERIC".  Same error message.

Can anyone offer some insight on this?  I plan on contacting the port-sparc 
list as well to make sure the installation instructions on the next release 
explain this procedure?

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