Subject: Re: default /usr partition
To: Erich Enke <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/22/1999 23:41:30
> How about raw reads/writes?  Wouldn't you want bounds checking which I
> assume is available through the disklabeling?  I'm not the best for
> examples, but possibly for backing up nonBSD partitions from BSD?
	The 'bsd partion' idea is nice enough but how does it work with a
	disk arranged as:

	| Non BSD  |
	| BSD      |
	| Non BSD  |
	| BSD	   |
	| Non BSD  |

	What does the 'bsd partition' cover? Its not general enough to
	cover all cases. Maybe it covers from the start of the first BSD area
	to the end of the last, or maybe just the boot block and disklabel

	If you are using raw read/writes then I would assume you could
	iterate through the appropriate partitions (excluding 'b' in some

	That leaves boot blocks and disklabel access.

	iff partitiona 'a' is at the start of your BSD area then all is
	OK - you can use its offset as the basis for the disklabel and

	If not, then maybe we do need another partition for 'boot block
	and disklabel area'...


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