Subject: RE: NetBSD 1.4.1
To: <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/10/1999 16:32:00
I don't know, I feel 1.4 is fairly stable for me.  The only problem I've   
encountered was some strange interaction between wscons and X that   
rebooted me when ever I did something...I don't remember what now, but I   
think X was more of the culprit.

I'm not going to say that 1.4 doesn't have problems, I've just not   
encountered any other than the one I mentioned.

I still have a 1.3.2 machine cranking away as a mail server, and I'm not   
in any hurry to upgrade it, it works great.

I feel the NetBSD guys put out a top notch, a, research   

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> Subject: re: NetBSD 1.4.1
>    I'm sitting here on a 1.3.3 system right now, hoping to upgrade to
>    1.4.x sometime soon.  With hopes of getting atleast another of my
>    machines here setup to track -current.  My problem is that I've
>    been repeatedly told that 1.4 has some stability issues, and that I
>    can't simply toss in the i386 boot floppy and use
> `sysinst' to upgrade.
>    I've already been told that 1.4.1 would be dealing with a lot of
>    these issues.
> that's pretty much true as far as i know.  of course, i've generally
> avoided the install programs and done this by hand :-)
>    So, I guess my question is, when will we see a full 1.4.1 release?
> that's a good question.  perhaps release engineering would like to
> say ?  what i do know is that the last late-minute fixes have been
> made (requiring kernel rebuilds which some ports have already done),
> the CHANGES-1.4.1 file has been completed, most ports are built if
> waiting for new kernels.  there are no source sets created yet.
>    It's really a little startling that we're seeing major
> releases, and
>    then many of us are watching and waiting for minor releases to fix
>    what appear to be somewhat major issues.  I have to admit that once
>    1.4.1 releases I'll be waiting a day or two to see if the installer
>    blows away peoples machines as they attempt to upgrade. :-(
> many of my servers run 1.3* at the moment.