Subject: installation question
To: <>
From: Cees Schouten <>
List: tech-install
Date: 08/10/1999 11:52:02

I'm still running on Linux, since I don't know how to figure out a couple of things.
Maybe you can hint me in the right direction as to exactly where to look for answers.
Searching directories and trying man-pages didn't gave me the answer I needed:

what are the (Net)BSD equivalents for 'modprobe' and 'insmod'? Some hardware pieces
are actually found on starting up. I see them flying by, but they're not actually installed.
Hence, my tokenringcard and my pci sb soundcard don't work. On Linux I have figured
out that I can install modules with those two commands, but how do I do that with NetBSD?

Thx, for any answers and/or hints to where (on the net) I can find solutions.

Cees Schouten.