Subject: random installation related points
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-install
Date: 07/28/1999 11:45:08
[we were discussing installation tools on another forum, so I decided
to post my thoughts here, where it's more appropriate.]

Issues about installation of netbsd:

	a) I think we should get a slick tty based installer before we
	   even get distracted on an X11/GUI based one. tty based
	   installers cover all our target platforms

	b) Do we really need ncurses? libslang (pkgsrc/devel/libslang)
	   gives similar functionality, and in my experience in using
	   either ncurses or slang for lynx, it was much easier
	   getting slang into lynx and it gave more features.

	c) I feel hesitant about using a language which not many
	   developers know (scheme). For that matter, why not use
	   python?  From what I've seen and used, python is fairly
	   easy to understand and looks clean as a language.

	d) The Solaris installer has many features I feel we should be
	   inspired by:
		- consistent design (you can go back at any step)
		- great disk partition tool
		- good subsection/package selection tool
		- supports profiles for quick installations

(Just to stir the pot a bit...)