Subject: Sysinst ftp ignores leading / when ftp'ing binaries
To: NetBSD Tech-Install <>
From: Mike Pelley <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/04/1999 16:37:56
In order to save bandwidth/time for building multiple machines, I ftp'd the
binaries for 1.4 Beta to my local unix machine.  Then I ran sysinst to build
a new machine, and gave it my unix machine name, the path
(/usr/archive/NetBSD-1.4), and my username and password.  Unfortunately,
sysinst ran a command similar to 'ftp ' which did not
work because the ftp program used a path relative to my home directory
instead of /.

Sysinst worked well with 1.3.2 in the same setup.  I guess the ftp program
is the problem here - perhaps it could have a switch that causes it to start
in the root directory instead of the default directory?  Any thoughts?

Thanks!   Mike.