Subject: Re: i386 floppy no longer fits
To: Frank Warren <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-install
Date: 01/09/1999 08:54:03
On 09-Jan-99 Frank Warren spoke unto us all:
#  If I get the leave to make a suggestion, on i386 I'd rather have more
#  drivers than less, and swapping
#  a floppy won't hurt my feelings any.  I spent 4 seriously frustrating
#  hours trying to get the NetBSD floppy to bring up one of my network
#  cards, but no joy.  I went so far as to disable PnP ISA, and
#  increasingly much until finally I could no longer see my PCI SCSI
#  controller.  Still no joy with the network cards.

This is an important side of floppy trimming.  Yes I think it was very nice to
have a single floppy install, do I think it is a big deal anymore?  No. 
Eventually we are going to want to do the following:

Add more drivers for wierder and wierder hardware.. What about USB NIC's..
Yes.. they sell them.

An enchanced sysinst.  Any additional features in sysinst is going to take up

Other tools that should be there.. pppd comes to mind.

People trying to install NetBSD have allready made a concious choice that they
want to run the system.  If they can't get it installed, they will punt.  I'd
much rather have 2 floppies than one less user.

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