Subject: Testers needed for new sysinst changes.
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/14/1998 14:33:13
I've recently made a number of changes to sysinst to support logging,
scripting, and placing of all output into an "output window" when running
commands (like tar, newfs, etc).

This makes sysinst much nicer looking during the installation phase, when
commands are being executed, and your screen is being corrupted by kernel
messages, and other screen traces caused by jumping in and out of curses.

With this version, you should see no (less?) screen artifacts, and the data
from various jobs should be easier to read.  Along with that, you can enable
the logging to log everything that sysinst has done, to aid in debugging. 
Scripting will create a sh script to reproduce your install verbatim.

I have tested this on alpha, but have no way to make i386 boot floppies, or
test them.  I would appreciate it immensly if someone could download the code,
and try it out.

This version requires you to use pax, and it is trivial to change the
ramdiskbin.conf file, to use pax instead of tar (and link it so it may be
invoked as tar).  This, as an added bonus, saves about 50-100k of space on the

If someone could please build this with -current, and let me know how the test
went, I would appreciate it immensly, as I don't wish to commit this code until
it has been tested on at least one other arch than alpha. (preferrably i386)

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