Subject: 2 Problems
To: tech-install , port-i386 <>
From: Kanghoon Lee <klee@Intellistor.COM>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/27/1998 09:49:19

Thanks for those people who responded to my question about XF86Config
file for ATI 3D Rage Pro.  I, however, still have problem that it locks
up before switching to graphics mode. 

I also installed NetBSD on another machine.  It is HP Vectra VL 5/133
with 166MHz Pentium (I upgraded it), 32 MB of RAM, and 4 gig SCSI hard
disk.  This machine has mouse port, but it does not show up in the
startup message.  Does anybody know which device it uses? Or do I have
to get a serial mouse?

Thanks for helping this novice to NetBSD.