Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Bernd Salbrechter <>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/09/1998 09:24:06
~sHow should I build a customiced CD (structure)?


Hi all!

I plan to make a custom NetBSD CD-ROM for me, form reading some
NetBSD-Maillists I know:
  1. The root of the CD should contain "NetBSD-$version" and there what
     I need from$version.
  2. As format I should use ISO9600+RR
I have also read release(7) (1.3.2 November 18, 1997) to figure out
where to put things into the tree. I miss there information about the
source tree. The packages are post 1.3 as far I know I hope ther will
come some information about it into release(7).

But I also what to put the extracted source on the CD as well as the
packages.  Are the standard places where to put this? I think of makeing
an additional directory "root" (or would be "extracted" be better) under
"NetBSD-$version" for the source extraction or should I place it under
"NetBSD-$version/$arch". I to have an easy way to do an "mount -t union
..." for local changes (custom kernels). Form your ftp-serve I saw the
packages go to a hierachie beside "NetBSD-$version" with $version and
$arch below and source pointing to NetBSD-current.

Also I want to put host specific install information on the disk, I plan
to put it under "NetBSD-$version/local/$host/...". I want to put a lists
of installed sets and packages there and pataches to configuration files.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to describe some common customisations in
 maybe in an additional section. I mean to say where somthing should go
 and not to have it on the ftp-server or official CDs.
I think this will make it easier to make some simple tools to custom
the official CDs and much easier to share it.

Tanks for reading this

Bernd Salbrechter