Subject: RE: PROPOSAL: NetBSD System Packages
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From: UDP-Alex Bartonek <AB1@UDPN01.UDPINC.COM>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/01/1998 10:14:38
I coulda swore I unsubscribed from this list.

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> Subject:	Re: PROPOSAL: NetBSD System Packages
> [Apologies for the cross-posting.]
> I've kept out of this discussion up until now, but would like to break
> my vow of silence by simply calling for a timeout period.
> Also, many thanks to Jim Wise for an excellent article which prompted
> this discussion.
> The reasons for the desired timeout are many:
> 1.  We've just finished a period of consolidation in pkgsrc, and now
> everything seems to be happening at once.  I really would like to get
> on top of things before we start modifying pkg_* to do anything (Those
> of you who know me will accept that I'm a great believer in the "one
> step at a time" approach, and I do feel that we're reaching a bit
> beyond ourselves here).
> 2.  I want to bring both my i386 boxes up to -current, and what with
> the hiatus of everything in the last two to three weeks, I've not been
> able to do that.
> 3.  I'm not convinced that we're all talking on the same wavelength
> about this.
> 4.  I need to get the "Changes in pkgsrc in September" mail for
> netbsd-announce done.
> 5.  I am in the process of moving jobs.
> 6.  There are not enough hours in the day. Or bars of chocolate.
> 7.  The pkg_* tools are in transition even as we speak, since Hubert
> has some mods that are about to be committed, enabling the dewey
> version relationships and alternate package dependencies throughout
> pkgsrc, and some other mods, which will make the pkgsrc DEPENDS and
> CONFLICTS definitions much easier.  In addition to that, and once
> Hubert has committed those, I have some far-reaching mods I would like
> to make to (a) bring some order to the pkg_* tools, and (b) move the
> package databases from /var/db/pkg to be in ${PREFIX}/etc/pkg,
> removing the PLIST @cwd directive on the way.  This will allow us to
> eliminate the staging area from the pkg_add tools, which is a source
> of great waste of cycles, brainpower, disk space, time and money. 
> However, this may prove to be a step too far, and so I really want to
> get a good idea of cost versus benefit, and move on from there.
> With all the above happening, I feel that deciding how any system
> package would look is a bit premature.  However, I do realise the need
> for speed in this matter. Just not the need for haste.