Subject: Re: sysinstall "local" tarball
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: tech-install
Date: 09/20/1998 19:46:38
>During autoconfig, when we find a disk, we read the first block, look
>it up in the table we stashed away, and if found use the geometry we
>got from the BIOS.  (If there are multiple matches with different BIOS
>geometries, we arbitrarily pick one and warn the user.)

I'm much rather be able to get the "real" (reported) geometry AND the
BIOS geometry.  I have heard that using some BIOS geometries can
force FFS to use 4k frags/32k blocks.  IMO, this is not a good thing.

If we could reliably get the BIOS geometry, we'd never have to bother
the user with geometry questions unless they wanted to know.

Phil Nelson (NetBSD/pc532 machine) (work)