Subject: question on how to access files on dos partition during
To: None <tech-install@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jim Sullivan <>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/02/1997 08:57:34
I have a PC machine at home with one scsi disk(sd0) with
the DOS partition, and a second scsi(sd1), which I want to 
install NetBSD12g on. I have copied the NetBSD distribution 
sets(tar file format) to my DOS partition on sd0, and would like
to access them during the installation of NetBSD. Using the 
NetBSD bootable floppy I attempt the install but have not had
success mounting the DOS partition.(i.e. 
mount -t mount_dos /dev/sd0a /mnt )
It responds with "device not configured"

1. Is it possible to mount a DOS partition like this ?  I am 
not sure that I am mounting the correct device(my options include
/dev/sd0a.../dev/sd0h) I have tried each of these. 

2. I would also like to understand if I can make a connection to 
my ISP during the NetBSD installation process to access the 
distribution sets(tar files). In other words can I skip the step 
of using win95 to copy the files to the DOS partition, and 
download them directly during the installation. 

thanks, Jim