Subject: Difference
To: None <tech-install@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/25/1996 17:35:54
What is the difference between linux and net bsd? I know that this is 
a stupid question, but i have to know because the linux is so much 
easier to install that i am changing my mind about the bsd advantage.
Besides, i think that commercial unix operating systems are much more 
reliable abd esasier to install, why can't make a windows style setup 
program and a dos-based installer?
why does not have information about the differences between the dos 
and bsd type of partitions?
Please, if anybody there know how this problem can be overcomed, i 
would be very glad.
Just one more question. Why netbsd is so incompatibble with the other 
unix partners, such as minix and linux? And why do we have to wait 
for the kernel to boot up before it can be run the install program?
I think i am being a little petulant but since i dont have any 
knowledge of the unix operating system, please, tell me if i can 
network with another computer running the bsd system, but with the 
different central processing unit?
Thanks for your patience and answer.