Subject: Problems with 1.1
To: None <tech-install@NetBSD.ORG>
List: tech-install
Date: 12/20/1995 16:32:37
I tried to install 1.1 on a p90 with ncr SCSI controller and WD8013 Ethernet
card. The installation floppy for 1.1 does not work properly for me. in
particular, the Ethernet card is not properly recognized. I used the 1.0
version with success this time. Is there any FAQ about that?

Second, as i am in France, my keyboard is an AZERTY one, not a QWERTY! So,
what is the way to correctly remap the keyboard for me.

As I used Linux for a while I appreciate the FAQ and HOWTO documents. Is
there anything similar for NetBSD.

Thanks for replies to these "new-user" questions.

E. Horlait

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