Subject: Re: Multi-OS/Multi-Disk Boots
To: Gary C. Jenkins <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-install
Date: 04/25/1995 09:14:23
> After scouring the net and examining and testing numerous boot
> managers, it seems that putting DOS on my IDE drive and NetBSD
> on my SCSI drive (not putting ANY part of either on the same disk)
> and then attempting to boot is not quite as common as I had thought
> it would be. I would like to keep this separation of the OS's and
> be able to choose which OS to boot with and I would prefer to use
> freeware. There is a program (System Commander by V Communications)
> that seems to have the capabilities that I am describing. Has
> anyone used either a freeware or commercial product to do what I
> am describing?? This does not involve the install process except as
> far as the boot portion is related to this. NetBSD is installed and
> ready to boot on the SCSI drive.

> Please feel free to offer alternate solutions to what I would like
> or to tell me that what I would like to do is not currently possible.

Method 1:
Install something like booteasy ( on simtel).
I'm pretty sure that it can be configured to select between bios C:
and bios D: (so if your SCSI disk appears to the bios as D: you're set.)
If you install this, only install it on the first drive (deny the
request to install it on the second).
When you boot you'll get a menu like:
	F1	dos
	f5	second disk
hit f5. then you get the netbsd prompt. boot with something like:
('hd' tells the bootblocks to use the bios method to determine drive order)

hope that helps,