Subject: Re: NetBSD install, MSDOS file system
To: Brian D. Carlstrom <>
From: David Gluss <>
List: tech-install
Date: 10/17/1994 10:33:56
>>>>> On Sat, 15 Oct 94 15:58:33 EDT, (Brian D. Carlstrom) said:

    >>>> David Gluss writes:
    >> Well, yahoo...I just made some boot floppies using
    >> /usr/src/distrib...  and booted my friend Bill's machine off
    >> them!  It was exciting as hell...  well, maybe you had to be
    >> there.

    Brian> have you considered letting others have these? somone just made my 1.0
    Brian> system unbootable, and i'd rather use 1.0 floppies to get it up again. i
    Brian> can only find 0.9 floppies. you could at least just upload them to an
    Brian> incoming directory here.

I will upload them ASAP.  One difference in these boot floppies
is that they include cpio...I found that very helpful because of
cpio's ability to copy device nodes.  So we just made a cpio
archive of my root partition, and copied it to his disk.