Subject: Install program
To: None <>
From: Bernd Wiserner <>
List: tech-install
Date: 01/29/1994 01:21:27
Hi all,
As some of you might know I got the install-stuff from theo.
I changed/added a lot of things.
Currently I can't hack on it because I have to write my diploma thesis
and find some way of getting some $$ ...
So if someone wants to hack further on it , just let me know. 
If I get theo's permission I will forward you the sources . ( Theo ? )
Also I don't know when NetBSD 1.0 ( or whatever number it will have )
will be released . When ?
If someone is willing to continue I am willing to help with anything 
I can so just mail ...
If someone considers I should send this also to current-users pls. mail me.

Also I have an enhanced version of the fdisk program which deals with 
fdisk and NetBSD partitions, generates fdisk and disktab entries, newfs ..
well it does mostly everything you want to do if you add another disk.

Here is some excerpt from the current TODO/DONE - list ( or the install):

Introduce cursor-movement                               done
this code is evil because it uses usleep,
should use select.( No time... )

printing of disks and networks , is too space-
    consuming. 4 disks + 2 network doesn't fit.         done

printing of disks - print fdisk-params instead.      	done

fix diskl.c to set havedisk(dos)label correctly         done

fix diskl.c to read only disklabel from disk            done
    if this fails use ioctl to get at least params.

fix probe to use geometry from disklabel if available   done

enable editing of  fdisk-part-table.                    done

introduce units : sectors/cylinders.                    done

introduce possibility of changing geometry.             done

fix probe to set diskname/type fields correctly.        done

grab dospartition into disklabel if present.            done

grab extended dospartitions into disklabel              TODO

initialize disktype in probe ...                        done

don't forget about ESDI-and bad-144                     done ( correctness?)

do strange !$#% things if the disk is > 1024 cylinders  done ( correctness?)
in translated mod ( disks > 1GB )

blast all references to sectorsize = 512 bytes and  done
replace with a variable. 

add other install-possibilities.                        TODO
    - cp from dos-hd                                    

add partition-generator                                 done

    - for fdisk ( use rest of disk .. )                 done

    -for unixlabel ( use xx for root,xx for swap ..     done

add checker for harddisks-params                        done (correctness?)

add bootcode to fdisk-editing.                          done

forward BIOS-geometry from the bootblocks to the kernel TODO ( I tried, but failed... )

generate fstab-entries                                  TODO

generate disktab-entries                                TODO

compile with -Wall ...                                  done

introduce an error function which opens a window,       done
displays message and waits for a keystroke ...
This still needs some work...

check the install options in scrN.c 

    - for hostname stuff                                done

    - for diskstuff
        - with labelcheck                               done

        - others                                        done

    - for netstuff                                      TODO                  

    - for install-methods                               TODO

add some utility to find bad sectors and blast them     TODO
( snarf from linux ? )

add some program which 'detects' all type of floppies   TODO 
( MS-DOG,tar, ufs ) and extract direct from floppies.
This should help people who don't have many GB of diskspace.
( Usually theese people don't have a tape ,or internetaccess handy.
( Open consecutive files from the floppy pipe them to
gunzip and tar , close them , have the user change the
floppy , maybe tell him if he inserted the wrong floppy...
I have some ideas on this, but no really working code.

'port' to -current ( curses changed )                   done ( works on Jan.5 sources. )

actually do the install                            TODO TODO
many of theese things ( like generating of disktab entries ...)
are done in my newfisk program
You can have the source if you want.

NOTE : Both sources aren't cleaned up, so there is still some junk inside :(

I am sorry that I can't continue with this, but I must finish my thesis
in 6 weeks and there's still lots of stuff to do.

I can work again on it after finishing that boring thesis stuff.

thanks for your attention