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Compressed Cache for NetBSD


I am a Masters student at Carnegie Mellon University specializing in
Systems (with special emphasis on Operating Systems and Storage Systems).
I have taken a class called Operating Systems Practicum
( The main objective of the
course is to add a feature to any Open Source systems-y product
(preferably an operating systems).

I was browsing through NetBSD project wiki and came across this really
interesting project of Compressed Cache
( I would
really appreciate if I could get some insights on this project status. I
will mostly be working alone on this project and the timeframe I have is
around 2 months.

I did some basic reading and have figured out that one approach to
implement this is to have a block device backed by kernel reserved memory.
This block device can used as a staging area for the compressed pages. The
interface can itself be provided through a VFS read/write semantics.

I would really appreciate if I could get any pointers and help on this
project. Eagerly awaiting a response.

Thanks and Regards,

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