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Re: cpu_intr_p() related question

On 01/09/13 23:42, Yann Sionneau wrote :
Hello NetBSD hackers,

I have read over there [0] that cpu_intr_p() should return true if curcpu() is currently "in the context of a hardware interrupt".

Does this mean that cpu_intr_p() should return true when CPU is in exception handler (tlb miss handler, tlb fault handler, division by zero etc) as well as in exception caused by an interruption? Or Should it only return true for true interruption like UART or timer interrupt and not for exception handlers not related to an interruption?

I also had a look at this thread [1] but it did not provide me with much information, except that I could just implement it as "return false;", is it still true?

Thanks :)

[0] --
[1] --!topic/muc.lists.netbsd.current-users/AXJ65qh2Sdk

Best regards,
As requested by Simon Burge, I am re-posting in plain-text (instead of html) this time, sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards,

Yann Sionneau

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