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Re: GSoC Miniaturise NetBSD - initial testing

On 7/07/2009, at 1:53 AM, matthew sporleder wrote:

Do you have some stats on how small you got it?  I should have an SD
card for testing just this sort of thing in the next few weeks.

It all really depends on what features you want. Some of the more basic packages in syspkgs are quite large, so my PICO image, where I only wanted /sbin/init and /bin/sh ended up being several MB because syspkgs pulls in all of /bin and /sbin. The contents of the syspkgs can be rearranged, I noticed that the firmware files got put into their own syspkgs package recently.

I'll soon be implementing the ability to trim individual files from packages, but using that to remove all but one file from a package doesn't seem right to me.


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