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Re: Qt/Embedded @ wscons

(regarding to have NB cross build tools)

I did the port and all the testing on NetBSD/i386 4.0.  Adding
cross-compilation support should be fairly easy (compiling it on
something like jornada would take *ages*, i guess :).  To get a
"generic" cross compilation environment that targets some particular
NetBSD platform you only need to add a few symlinks to results of  There are some old notes here:

I've been using NB cross build tools for day work of ARM/PPC
developments.  The following is a simple wrapper for
to make possible to run multiple targets of multiple src trees in
coherent fashion.  Have hardlink among them with -MACHINE
postfix.  Usage would be;

1. cd /store/HEAD/usr/src
2. ~/build-sandpoint tools
3. /store/HEAD/tools/bin/ directory will have PPC cross tools
with gmake and other common utilities.
4. ~/build-evbarm tools
5. ARM cross tools will be added in the same directory.

$ cat ~/build-sandpoint


sh ./ -m $machine \
       -u -U \
       -T $work/$tools \
       -D $work/$build/$machine/root \
       -R $work/$build/$machine/release \
       -O $work/$build/$machine/obj \

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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