Subject: RE: Looking ahead
To: Scott Telford <>
From: Yiang Han <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 06/10/2007 15:26:08
I have interesting to start porting the MTD and JFFS2 from linux into
the FreeBSD system, Does anybody have any suggestions or tips on it? Or
is there any resources about it?  As I am a newer on BSD file system. It
seems the BSD file system is kind complicated.

Yiang Han

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Subject: RE: Looking ahead

> I believe this talk about the size of the IP stack is a distraction,
> and we should not squander our volunteer developers' valuable time
> discussing it any further, when we know that people eschew NetBSD for
> embedded use more often because NetBSD lacks board/device support and
> essential features such as a NAND flash filesystem.

Fair point. There's been some interesting suggestions in this thread,
IMHO, the main priorities right now should be more prosaic stuff like
drivers/filesystems etc.

Scott Telford.