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Re: JTAG Adapter for ARM?

Bucky Katz <> writes:

> We're fond of the BDI2000 series by Abatron
> Yeah, they're in ch, but they're very good to deal with and they have
> distributors all over.
> Don't knnow why Abatron's not better known in the ARM world, but they
> match nicely to JTAG in a unix world.

Agreed. The BDI2000 is the bomb. With a JTAG, the hardware isn't so
difficult, but the question to ask is what kind of software you can
use to interact with it. The BDI2000 sits on the network (good for a
shared development situation), and besides its own shell interface,
speaks the GDB remote protocol, so you can (often) just use GDB to
step through your lowest-level code.

Admittedly, the $2000 for one is probably not 50x better than the $35
item, but it's likely 10x better - it's certainly 10x better than some
other commercial JTAG devices I've used.

      - Nathan

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