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Re: Evaluating a PowerPC-based SBC wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I am evaluating different singleboard computers for an embedded
> application. One of the most interesting for my task can be found here:
> It is a board based on a Freescale PowerPC processor.
> The manufacturer says it runs Linux, but couldn't tell me if it is able to 
> run NetBSD, too. As I am addicted to NetBSD, this is very important to me.
> Looking at the specs, does someone have an idea if I can run NetBSD without 
> major complications on this device? I know there exist some PowerPC-based 
> boards that run NetBSD, but what about this one?

The MPC5200 has a 603e core so we know it could run NetBSD.
But there is no peripheral support for it.  It's similar to the
82xx or 84xx but not identical.

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3am Software Foundry              www:
Cupertino, CA              disclaimer: I avow all knowledge of this message.

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