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Re: problem with MFS and init

In message <>, 
Jachym Holecek
>> > Bump NINODE in sbin/init/init.c (1024 currently). IMO, the right solution
>> > here is to teach init(8) to create /dev on tmpfs instead of mfs
>> > (tmpfs can grow and shrink as needed, unlike mfs). This is somewhere
>> > deep down on my TODO list...
>> I did that last night.  It's pretty simple.  Here is a patch.
>Cool. We could further have /dev union mounted to avoid
>the mmap() dance + saving a few bytes of code. I'll test it
>this night.

Last time I tried it, I couldn't union-mount a tmpfs over anything.  It 
would be nice if that worked.

                --Steven M. Bellovin,

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