Subject: RE: Via Samuel 2 / mini-ITX
To: Roberto <>
From: James Mansion <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 10/12/2005 22:06:42
>> 5) Does NetBSD have a working union filesystem?
>Sorry I do not know it, so why use union fs.

Have you seen how SLAX Linux works - and how its modular structure works
with unioned compressed readonly filesystems?

Its very attractive IMO.  And I want to protect my CF drive from updates.  I
thought unionfs was originally a BSD-ism, but that doesn't mean NetBSD has
an implementation.

>> 6) Does NetBSD have an equivalent of squashfs?
>> (Background: I quite like the SLAX approach of unioning squashed
>> onto root as a way to build a modular base system)
>Again sorry: why use squashfs?

It might be called cloop?  Its a bit hard to find exactly what's available
from the web site, unfortunately.  I'd install - and I have a 2.0 disk set,
but of course it doesn't boot. :-(