Subject: CF mounted on wd0
To: NetBSD-embed <>
From: Marcin Jessa <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 06/27/2005 15:24:48
Hi guys.

Normally creating a small NetBSD build with rootfs inserted into kernel you mount the roofs as memory file system, e.g.
/dev/md0a       /               ffs     rw,-s=32768     1 1

with following kernel options:
options         MEMORY_DISK_HOOKS
options         MEMORY_DISK_IS_ROOT     # force root on memory disk
options         MEMORY_DISK_SERVER=0    # no userspace memory disk support
options         MEMORY_RBFLAGS=0        # don't force single user

I was wondering if it was possible to mount the rootfs on CF's wd0a instead of memory.
I tried to remove the opts and mount / on the disk:
/dev/wd0a       /        ffs     ro              1 1

but then it seems like it's not mounted at all and /sbin/init is not found.
Any idea if this is doable? I'd rather not use device's memory to host the root file system.