Subject: Re: NetBSD and root fs
To: Marcin Jessa <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 03/31/2005 08:05:45
> What I get on my soekris is it loads the kernel and stops, which IMO is becouse it cannot find the init binary:
> NetBSD/i386 ffsv1 Primary Bootstrap
> >> NetBSD/i386 BIOS Boot, Revision 3.1
> >> (builds@build, Wed Dec  1 10:39:14 UTC 2004)
> >> Memory: 639/64512 k
> Press return to boot now, any other key for boot menu
> booting hd0a:netbsd - starting in 0 
> open netbsd: No such file or directory
> boot: hd0a:netbsd: No such file or directory
> booting hd0a:netbsd.gz
> 1582312+294116+165776 [130912+116134]=0x2301d0

That looks fine, if you don't get any more messages check that the
baud rate the kernel is using (probably 9600) is the same as the
soekris monitor is using (not 9600 by default).

You may also need to explicitly specify that you want a serial console.
The soekris BIOS functions do not seem to work when called from
within the netbsd kernel.


David Laight: