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Embedded NetBSD Install

I'm looking at replacing Linux used on an embedded device we are selling
with NetBSD, mostly for licensing reason.  This is a more high-end
embedded device with an AMD 586 running apache and php for it's
interface to the world.  It uses compact flash for it's hard drive.  The
default install of NetBSD using the installer and sets provided I think
is over 100 megs, maybe like 300 if I'm right.  My question is how do
people install NetBSD on small foot prints like in under 8 megs?  Do
they just pick and choice from the base sets what they need or are there
already put together sets for building small system?  I can probably
remove what I don't need, but I was curious if there is an easier way.

Secondly, the host system is Linux right now.  I was thinking I could
just copy what I need to the Flash card using a reader attached to the
linux system, but how do I partition/disklabel and format the drive.
I'm not sure if linux supports disklabel, but I don't think it can
format UFS, not to mention load the BSD bootloader.  Is there an easy
way to do this or do I need to install a NetBSD system somewhere?

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