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Re: coldfire 54xx port?

Aaron J. Grier asked;

> since the newest members of motorola^Wfreescale's coldfire family have
> MMUs, it should be possible to port NetBSD to them, yes?

Did you say freesale? :-}

I've CF4e UM at hand.  The MMU architecture looks capable of running NetBSD.

- software managed TLBs (independent ITLB and DTLB),
- TLB is ASID tagged, 8bit, ASID 0 is reserved for kernel,
- SG bit for address space sharing, neglecting ASID,
- cache mode bits in TLB, page granularity control,

Cache architecture is unclear for me.  It might or not be virtual addressed 

Toru Nishimura/ALKYL Technology

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