Subject: Re: Bootloader and monitor
To: Evgeni Dobrev <>
From: Jared Momose <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 05/17/2004 10:02:54
Pretty much any bootloader should be able to boot a raw binary of the
kernel. Note the load address of the kernel, the start and end of the .bss
section, and the address of __start (objdump -t netbsd | sort | more).
Create a binary image (objcopy -O binary netbsd netbsd.bin) and load your
netbsd.bin into RAM starting at the load address gleaned from objdump. You
might also need to manually zero out the .bss section. Then, start execution
at the __start symbol.

Also take a look at locore.S for your platform to see how booting is
handled. Simply loading the image into RAM may not be enough if the kernel
expects to recieve hardware specific parameters from the bootloader.

Best regards,

> Hi,
> does anybody know of a bootloader and monitor that could boot NetBSD
> like the U-BOOT for Linux? (
> Cheers,
> evgeni