Subject: RE: Tools to create embedded distribution
To: 'Vasant Kanchan' <>
From: Li Jiatu <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 11/12/2003 22:03:29
I think you only need to have in correct path(/usr/libexec), and
have all the neccessary dynamic librarys(find by ldd) in correct path
(/usr/lib by default).
I've made my embedded distribution run in this way successfully recently, my
target supports elf format.

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Subject: Tools to create embedded distribution

Hello Everyone,

I want to create a distribution based on a set of applications that  I want
to run on the target platform. These applications are dynamically linked.
I curently do this manually by using ldd. However this is error prone and so
I am looking for some automated tools which will work on NetBSD and Linux.

Thanks for your responses.